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Laundry TarGo

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Model: For Oil-Based Stains
Manufacturer: A.L. Wilson Chemical Co.


Laundry Targo SDS

Laundry TarGo

An environmentally friendly water-base spotter that removes oil-based stains in the laundry as well as in wetcleaning or on the spotting board. Laundry TarGoworks on even the toughest oil-based stains and can safely be rinsed down the drain. When drycleaning with Perc, use TarGo® Dry to remove oily stains. When drycleaning with alternative solvents, use TarGo EF.

Before using Laundry TarGo, read and understand the Laundry TarGo Safety
Data Sheet available from your Wilson distributor or from Wilson direct.
After Washing:
Apply Laundry TarGo directly to stain. Wait at least one hour. (For best
results, leave overnight.) Wash in usual manner.
On Fresh Stains, Before Washing:
Apply Laundry TarGo directly to stain. Work in thoroughly. Rinse.
On tough stains, several applications may be needed. Rinse after
each application. If any stain remains, re-apply Laundry TarGo,
leave overnight, then wash in usual manner.

Your customers want you to return their laundered garments like
new. That calls for the effective, safe stain removal you’ll get with
Laundry TarGo. Use it to remove even the tough oil-base stains.


Product Code Packaging
LaundryTargo Bottle 16 Oz Bottle
LaundryTargo Bottle Case 4 - 16 Oz Bottle per Case
LaundryTargo Gallon 1 Gallon
LaundryTargo Gallon Case 4 Gallon Case

Laundry TarGo Information Sheet - English

Laundry TarGo Information Sheet - Spanish

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

Laundry TarGo
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