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TarGo Dry


Traditional Oily Stain Remover for Use in Coordination with Perc Drycleaning


TarGo Dry is the best spotter ever for removing tough oil based stains. TarGo Dry delivers faster, more complete stain removal, on a broader range of oily type stains, with greater safety for colors and fabrics.

Since it contains chlorinated solvents, we only recommend TarGo Dry for use in coordination with drycleaning in Perc. Do not flush to sewer or contaminate ground water.

For laundry or wetcleaning, use Laundry TarGo® to remove oily stains. When drycleaning with alternative solvents, use TarGo® EF.


Stain List

TarGo Dry Removes These Stains


Collar & Cuff Stains   Adhesive    Crayon    Eye Black   Grass Stains    Grease   Tar

Ink    Ink Load   Lipstick    Lotion  Ground-in-Soil   Mayonnaise    Salad Dresssing

Nail Polish   MakeUp   Ointment   Oil   Oxidized Oil   Shoe Polish   Spaghetti Sauce

Paint   Pant Cuff Stains   Pasta Sauce   Pine Tar   Red Sauce   Suntan Lotion   Wax




Packaging Product Code
Gallon TarGo (Special Order)
Quart TarGoQ (Special Order)



TarGo Dry Brochure

Product Overview/Instructions-English

Instrucciones de Uso-Spanish

TarGo Dry Safety Data Sheet


Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.

Targo Dry

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