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SoGo 1


Enzyme-Activated Digester/Laundry Detergent


SoGo 1 is our enzyme-activated digester / laundry stain removing detergent. SoGo 1 safely removes a wide variety of protein stains including food, blood and grass. SoGo 1 is used on the spotting board for localized stains, as a soak for individual garments or in the laundry wheel for bulk stain removal. SoGo 1 is also available in a Phosphate Free formula for use where required. SoGo 1 is a component of the SoGo Reclamation System.


Stain List

SoGo 1 Removes These Stains


Collar & Cuff Stains   Beverage Stains   Chocolate   Coffee   Blood  Egg

Grass Stains  Feces   Food   Fruit Juice   Ground-in-Soil   Ice Cream

Ketchup  Milk   Pasta Sauce  Red Sauce  Red Wine   Spaguetti Sauce

Perspiration Starch Buldup   Tannin   Tea  Vomit   Wine   Urine




Packaging Product Code
1 Lb. Jar SoGo 1
10 Lb. Pail SoGo10LB
Phosphate Free 10 Lb. Pail SoGo1PhosF10
Phosphate Free 50 Lb. Drum SoGo1PhosF50



SoGo 1 Brochure - English

Product Overview/Instructions-English

Instrucciones de Uso-Spanish

SoGo 1 Safety Data Sheet


Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.

SoGo 1

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