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Laundry Spray Spotter


RiteGo laundry spray spotter with Micro-Emulsion Technology is high performance, fast acting, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Use it on collars & cuffs, wedding gowns, and anything else you're washing or wetcleaning. RiteGo out-performs supposedly similar products without the labor expense and wear-and-tear that come from brushing. Your customers will appreciate getting back items that look better and last longer.


Stain List

RiteGo Removes These Stains


Collar & Cuff Stains   Beverage Stains    Chocolate    Coffee   Crayon    Egg

Eye Black   Feces   Food    Fruit Juice   Grease  Ground-in-Soil    Ice Cream 

Ketchup   Liquor  Lotion   Oil  Makeup   Ointment   Pant Cuff Satins

Perspiration   Salt on Pant Cuffs  Tannin  Tea   Vomit   Water Rings




Packaging Product Code
24 Oz. Bottle RiteGoB
Gallon RiteGo
15 Gallons Drum RiteGo15 (Special Order)



RiteGo Brochure - English

 RiteGo Brochure - Spanish


Instrucciones de Uso-Spanish

RiteGo Safety Data Sheet


Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.


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