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Load Process Detergent For Use In Perchloroethylene Solvent Systems


Advanced FABRICOL Sets the Standard for Load Process Detergents

FABRICOL with the fresh clean scent of Freshenz

A wide variety of processes are in use today which call for detergents to be added to each load or batch rather than maintaining a charge of detergent in the solvent. While these “load processes” simplify detergent addition, they not only require traditional detergent performance but in most cases make additional demands on a detergent. Unfortunately, conventional injection “detergents” are detergents in name only, and fail to perform. The result is poorly cleaned and finished garments, increased work, and unhappy customers.

Now, the breakthrough technology of FABRICOL provides what you need — a new standard for load process detergents. FABRICOL offers a full spectrum of benefits made possible by its advanced formula. FABRICOL is designed for the specific requirements of load process cleaning, incorporating powerful, effective performance to remove all types of soils from all kinds of fabrics. At the same time, FABRICOL helps prevent problems with lint and static, garment shrinkage, redeposition, and sticking zippers. The result is superior performance from FABRICOL, the only detergent specifically formulated for load processes.

Predictable, Uniform Performance:

The emulsion of water and detergent formed in solvent by conventional injection “detergents” is “substantive” and deposits on garments rapidly, unevenly and unpredictably. As a result, these so-called “detergents” are trapped and unable to perform. With FABRICOL, detergent and water are both under control in a clear solution, working for you uniformly, predictably throughout the wheel.

Effective Water-Soluble Soil Removal :

Water in an emulsion is free water which will act only on those stains which it contacts “hit-or-miss.” The result is ineffective, uneven or splotchy water-soluble stain removal. Because FABRICOL disperses water in a clear, even solution, it provides predictable, uniform water-soluble soil removal and reduced post-spotting.

Minimizes Linting and Static Shock:

An unevenly dispersed solution of moisture is the best way to control static electricity. The formulation of FABRICOL assures that moisture is evenly dispersed in solution throughout the solvent. This provides an inexhaustible path for static electricity to escape from the cleaning basket by constantly discharging to the ground. Annoying static shock and the need for manual lint removal are virtually eliminated.

Reduces Risk of Garment Damage and Clogged Filters:

Conventional injection “detergents” cannot even control their own water content, which is why they emulsify on contact with solvent. This uncontrolled free moisture can cause shrinkage or other damage to garments. It can also create a layer of slime on filters which prematurely increases filter pressure. The special formula of FABRICOL provides moisture control capacity to form a clear solution in solvent and reduce the risk of these potential problems.

Powerful Removal of Insoluble Soil:

Full loads, short cycle times and inadequate filtration in many load processes make insoluble soil removal essential. FABRICOL is formulated to act on all garment surfaces throughout the wheel with unique surfactant action which breaks insoluble soils loose and lifts them away from garments.

Reduces the Risk of Redeposition:

Many load processes employ disc or other ineffective filtration media or short cycles. These practices lead to unacceptable levels of insoluble soil in the solvent, increasing the risk of redeposition. FABRICOL is formulated to have excellent soil suspension properties. This helps prevent redeposition and associated damage claims. Your customers will notice the difference — cleaner, brighter looking garments.

Prevents Sticking Zippers and Static Cling:

Customers hate sticky zippers and static cling. Unlike conventional injection “detergents,” the even solution formed by FABRICOL provides a uniform, protective treatment that lubricates zippers and prevents static cling.

More Detergent Power for Your Money:

FABRICOL is not only more concentrated than conventional injection “detergents,” but unlike these, it has been formulated to be versatile and complete. FABRICOL responds to all of the demands that your load process makes on a detergent.




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Fabricol with Freshenz

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