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Neutral Lubricant That Speeds Water Soluble Stain Removal


Mulsolite makes wet-side stain removal quicker and more effective.

Although it is possible that some water soluble stains can be removed with plain water or steam, Mulsolite makes this process quicker, easier, and more effective because Mulsolite puts water to work by boosting water’s penetrating power.

Formulated with powerful wetting agents, Mulsolite reduces the surface tension between the water and fabric so stains are removed faster. Mulsolite also minimizes spotting ring formation, which can happen when plain water or steam is used.

So, make your stain removal easier, faster, and more effective by reaching for Mulsolite first.

Speeds stain removal:

Using Mulsolite with plain water or steam helps dissolve wet-side stains more quickly and effectively than using plain water or steam.

Powerful penetration:

The penetrating strength of Mulsolite helps remove stains, yet leaves no soapy film or ring formations on garments, even with the most casual rinsing.

Safe to garments:

Mulsolite will not damage any fabrics or dyestuffs that are not affected by plain water because Mulsolite is pH neutral.

Easy to use:

Simply apply a few drops of Mulsolite to the stained area, add steam or water, and feather out.

Removes stubborn dry-side stains:

Mulsolite is the solution for removing the last traces of lipstick, writing ink, oxidized salad oil, graphite grease, and dyestuff that has accidentally transferred from one garment to another. By adding the recommended amount of Mulsolite to a soaking bath and maintaining the correct temperature, you can be assured that tenacious dry-side stains will be effectively removed.

Can be used with acids and alkalis:

Because of its neutral properties, Mulsolite can be safely and effectively used in conjunction with either alkali (protein) or acid (tannin) stain removal formulations.

Easy to apply:

Applying Mulsolite exactly where you need it, when you need it, is easy with Mulsolite’s unique control spout bottle.




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