• Custom-Care Finish


Beaded Fabric Finish for use in perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvent systems


Gives “New Life” to Fabrics

Restore Limp, Lifeless Garments to their Original Look and Feel

Customers notice detail. And when the look and texture of their garments is improved, you can be sure they’ll appreciate it.

Custom-Care Finish will restore limp, lifeless garments to that “just bought” look and feel. Custom-Care Finish contains a special formula which, when added to solvent, restores the vibrance to textiles that can be lost through wear and repeated cleanings. The result is not only a better looking garment, but one that resists wrinkling and holds its press longer.

Custom-Care Finish not only revitalizes all drycleanable fabrics, all year around, it shortens finishing time. Custom-Care Finish should be an important part of your process - for a noticeable difference to your customers.

Restores Garments to “Like-New” Condition:

Wear and repeated cleanings remove the original finishes that give new clothes their special qualities. Custom-Care Finish restores garments to their original look and feel, reflecting the high quality of your work.

Helps Garments Resist Wrinkling:

Custom-Care Finish protects garments after they leave your plant. They will resist wrinkling due to handling, crowding on racks, or in your customer’s closet.

Everything You Clean Will Benefit:

Regardless of whether a garment’s style calls for a gently rolling lapel, a crisp pleat, sharp crease, or the soft drape of a puffed sleeve, Custom-Care Finish gives garments the right look. Custom-Care Finish is effective on all textiles - synthetics, natural fibers and blends.

Shortens Finishing Time:

Pressing is faster because it’s easier to restore the original look to garments.

Makes Spotting Easier:

Garments treated with Custom-Care Finish are easier to spot. The protective coating provided by Custom-Care Finish helps prevent stains and spots from becoming set while being worn by the consumer prior to drycleaning.




Packaging Product Code
50 Gallons Drum CCF50
100 Gallons Drum CCF100




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  CUSTOM-CARE FINISH Safety Data Sheet


Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.



Custom-Care Finish

  • Brand: R.R.Streets
  • Product Code: Fabric Finish for use in perc and hydrocarbon solvent systems
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