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Charge Process Detergent For Use In Perchloroethylene Or Hydrocarbon Solvent Systems.


  With the versatility to perform equally well in perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvents, MERASOL is “The Miracle Charge”.

Outstanding Detergency:

MERASOL’s concentrated formula provides outstanding detergent power when used in a 1-1/3% concentration.

Puts Moisture to Work:

Solvent alone cannot remove water-soluble soil and stains. MERASOL is designed to solubilize moisture in solvent, enabling it to safely dissolve and flush away water soluble soil without causing wrinkling or other fabric damage. Garments are cleaner with less need for post-spotting or re-cleaning. This saves time at the spotting board and reduces costly recleans.

Controls Free Moisture:

Uncontrolled (free) moisture serves as a breeding ground for bacteria in hydrocarbon solvent. MERASOL is formulated to effectively control moisture. This helps prevent the formation of unpleasant solvent and garment odors.

Minimizes Static Cling and Lint Problems:

MERASOL’s formula includes static control properties to eliminate lint problems and static cling. There’s less need for manual lint removal and your customers will love how their garments resist clinging and lint when worn.

Helps Prevent Redeposition:

MERASOL works to help loosen and suspend insoluble soils so they can be carried away from garments to the filter for safe removal from the solvent. Your customers’ clothes will be cleaner and brighter.

Easy to Use:

There’s no easier way to use a detergent than to simply maintain a constant concentration in the work solvent. Once the initial MERASOL charge has been established, one need only make periodic additions for new, distilled, or reclaimed solvent.

The Charge Can Be Accurately Tested:

High quality drycleaning operators know that consistency is important to quality. The MERASOL charge can be tested quickly and easily to ensure consistent cleaning performance.


MERASOL’s outstanding cleaning performance makes it an excellent choice for any plant, whether perchloroethylene or hydrocarbon. MERASOL is especially convenient for plants operating with more than one type of solvent.

Approved for High Flash Point Petroleum Solvents:

Since MERASOL does not contain any low flash point solvents, it is particularly well-suited for use in machines employing the newer high flash point hydrocarbon solvents.





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MERASOL Safety Data Sheet


Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.


  • Brand: R.R.Streets
  • Product Code: Charge detergent for perc & hydrocarbon solvent systems
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