• Clip K4

ClipK4-The Detergent Concentrate

ClipK4, the highly concentrated drycleaning detergent is distinguished by its excellent claning perfomance and hygienic freshness. It protects against greying, has exceleent anti-static properties and lastingly improves the wearing comfort of dry-cleaned clothes. Whites stay white after dry-cleaning, the color are fresh and the feel is superb. Not only dirt but also foreign odors, for example after a fire, are completely removed. When cleaning leather the addition of lubricants or emollients is no longer necessary. The leather is clean, wonderfully soft and simply has a good feel to it. With the highly concentrated CLIPK4 you can use small amounts and still achieve very good cleaning results.

Product CodePackaging
ClipK4/2424 KG Drum
ClipK4/6060 KG Drum

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal

Clip K4

  • Brand: Kreussler
  • Product Code: The Detergent Concentrate
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