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Grease and Oil Stain Remover

  Can You Remove Grease and Oil Stains in the Wash, without Having to Prespot or Dryclean First? 

You Can When You Add Nature-L to Your Wash!

  People today are wet cleaning khakis, polo shirts, and more of the clothes that they used to dryclean. Wetcleaning is a great way to clean and remove wet-side soil. But now the problem is taking out the grease and oil stains in water. There is no wetcleaning detergent that will effectively remove grease and oil stains. So what can you do? 

Until Nature-L, you had only two choices. They were:

1. Dryclean a garment first to remove the dry-side soil, then wetclean the same clothes. This form of double processing is very time consuming, and requires extra labor and can slow down production. 

2. Prespot all the grease and oil stains on the garments. This too is very labor intensive. Excessive spotting can also lead to damaging the garment. Today it is possible to remove grease and oil stains right in the wash cycle.

Nature-L does exactly this. 

Whenever you wetclean clothes, just add 1 ounce of Nature-L for every 10 pounds and the grease, oil, and most other dry-side soil will come out right in the wash.

Nature-L is specially formulated to disperse very quickly in water so that oil and grease stains can be dissolved in a very short period of time.

If you either dryclean clothes, or prespot oil and grease stains before you wetclean, try adding Nature-L to each wash and you will be amazed at how clean the clothes come out with very little effort. 



  For Top Loaders: Add 2 ounces of Nature-L per load. 

 For Front Loaders: Add 1 ounce of Nature-L per 10 pounds of clothes cleaned.                                                                                                                                   


Here's another tip for you. For the easiest way to clean khaki pants, try SMARTCare and Nature-L together. The khakis will come out very soft, easy to press, and will have hardly any spots at all. 

Try Nature-L for Yourself and See How Easy it is to Remove Grease and Oil Stains Right in the Wash. 



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