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Water and Stain Repellent Treatment

  Smartpel can protect Suede Boots, Shoes, Skirts, and Jackets from Stains and Water!

  SmartPEL is a professionally-applied water and stain repellent treatment for all your fabric and leather goods that will not alter the texture or the feel of the material.

Watch as wine is poured onto Women's Suede Boots, Skirts, and Jackets. You can see how effective SmartPEL is at forming a shield and preventing the damage to the suede items


As the name implies, SmartPEL is THE SMART REPELLENT! It repels both water and oil stains, and it does it without the need for heat. You will be amazed when you spray SmartPEL on a garment and see how oil and water bead up on the surface, but do not penetrate the fibers. Your customers will love SmartPEL too because SmartPEL will not affect the feel of their garment.

SmartPEL is packaged ready-to-use, with a sprayer. You don’t have to transfer SmartPEL into another container which will reduce spills that can cost you money. And, because SmartPEL comes with a sprayer, you don’t have to be concerned with clogged spray heads. Just use the product, throw it away and grab a new bottle of SmartPEL with a brand new sprayer! 

The repellency is achieved WITHOUT HEAT! SmartPEL sets and cures at room temperature. You do not need to spend time heating a garment or pressing a garment to make it repel water. Just spray the garment, let it dry and that’s it! 

SmartPEL does not alter the feel of the garment! When you spray SmartPEL on a garment, it will retain the feel it had, so your customers will only notice it when they spill something or get caught in the rain. 

SmartPEL has no odor and meets all VOC regulations. SmartPEL is a very safe and totally biodegradable product. When you spray SmartPEL you will have no unpleasant odors or unsafe chemical inhalation worries. 


SmartPEL can be used to protect ANY type of garment and material, such as: 

  Boots        Raincoats     Suits         Cottons       

  Ties        Hunting Apparel         Snow and Ski Apparel       




       Use SmartPEL straight from the bottle.You do not need to mix.  

       Spray the garment evenly, and then hang it to dry. That’s all there is to it!   






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  Brochure / Instrucciones de Uso--Spanish

  SMARTPEL Safety Data Sheet


Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.


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