• Rust Buster


No-Odor, Non-Hydrofluoric Acid Rust Remover

  On Contact Rust Remover

 When you use a rust remover, it is extremely important that you flush it out of the garment. When you use Rust Buster, there is no objectionable odor.

Rust Buster’s unique formulation produces no odor. So when you steam out the Rust Buster from a garment, there is no effect at all on your nose. You can even take a deep breath when you apply the steam.

Rust Buster works On-Contact with a rust stain.

When you apply Rust Buster to a rust stain, the stain immediately begins to disappear. In most instances, just a drop or two of Rust Buster will eliminate the stain. Rust Buster contains NO Hydrofluoric Acid.

Rust Buster’s proprietary and effective acid blend eliminates the need for Hydrofluoric Acid. Hydrofluoric Acid is one of the strongest chemicals that you will ever use in your plant.




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16 Oz. Bottle RustBuster



  RUST BUSTER Safety Data Sheet


Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.

Rust Buster

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