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Wetside and Dryside Spotter for GreenEarth Solvent

  The First Step in Prespotting in GreenEarth

 When you dryclean clothes, removing dryside soil is easy, but removing wetside soil is very challenging.

If you use Greenearth, you know that prespotting can be challenging without the proper chemicals. Chemicals made for use in perc or hydrocarbon can cause ringing, but PEERLESS is designed exclusively for use in GreenEarth Solvent.

PEERLESS is designed to aid GreenEarth Solvent in removing both dryside and wetside soil. The unique formula will remove numerous types of greases and oils, as well as wetside soils so you don’t need to use a lot of different chemicals.

PEERLESS was designed to completely flush out in GreenEarth solvent so you won’t get rings. When you apply PEERLESS it will immediately begin to penetrate and suspend the soil so that both the soil and PEERLESS will be removed from the garments during the cleaning cycle. This prevents rings from developing and redeposition of the soil.

PEERLESS was designed to be thrown into the cleaning machine “wet”. You can put PEERLESS on a garment and throw it right into the cleaning machine soaking wet. You do not have to dry the garment or flush the PEERLESS out prior to cleaning.

PEERLESS will help to prevent other wetside chemicals from leaving rings on garments. After drying the garment, apply PEERLESS and in most cases this will prevent any ringing.





 Apply PEERLESS full strength onto a stain or soil prior to cleaning. PEERLESS can either poured or sprayed. Brush PEERLESS into the soil, and throw the garment into the machine wet. 

  If the soil or stain remains after cleaning, you may need to work on it using normal stain removal techniques.

 After you remove the stain, dry the garment, reapply PEERLESS and reclean the garment. This should prevent any rings from appearing.






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  PEERLESS Safety Data Sheet


Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.


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