• KleerSpray


Minty-Fresh Wet Side Spray Spotter and Neutral Lubricant

  Spray the Stains, Don't Smell the Clothes


        Mint Fresh Fragrance Helps to Cover Up Odors While Handling Garments.

        Helps Reduce and Prevent Recleaning of Garments.

        Clear Concentrate Prevents any Discoloring to the Garments.

        Contains an Effective Wetting Agent for Fast Penetration of Stains.

        Contains a Neutral pH to Prevent Damage to Dyes.

        Costs Less to Use by Mixing 1 Part KleerSpray to 4 Parts Water.

        Will Not Cause Rings or Swales.




Spray Pre-Spotter :

 Prepare the spray solution by mixing 1 part KleerSpray to 4 parts water.

 Spray solution on stained and soiled areas.

 No brushing is necessary.

 Rinse garments in drycleaning system.

 Areas to concentrate on are collars, cuffs, hemlines, elbows, knees, seat, pockets, and underarms.                                                                          

           Neutral Lubricant:

            KleerSpray has a neutral pH and is very safe to use on any garment that can withstand water.    

  Apply full strength to the stained area.

  Work the stain with the brush or spatula. 

              Flush with water or steam and feather by drying the wet area from the outside into the center. 


         Drycleaning Booster for Heavily Soiled Loads:

  To prevent spray spotting every heavily soiled garment, add 1 to 2 ounces of KleerSpray into the wheel per 10 pounds of garments cleaned. 




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Gallon KleerSpray



  KLEERSPRAY Safety Data Sheet


Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.


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  • Product Code: Minty-Fresh Wet Side Spray Spotter and Neutral Lubricant
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