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Enzyme Detergent With Color-Safe Bleach



  An economical All-in-One powder laundry detergent designed for Shirt Laundries and other Commercial Laundry Applications.

Most cheap detergents and wholesale club products are loaded with salts that cause fading, redeposition, and fabric deterioration. Axis provides the perfect balance in economy and cleaning action:


      Specific Enzymes: Increases removal of protein and other food stains.

      Color Safe Oxygen Bleach: Added stain removal for brighter whites and colors.                                             

      Low alkaline: Safe for use in top loaders as well as commercial washers.

      Water Conditioners: Excellent for use in a hard or soft water environment.   

      Great Fragrance: Clothes smell and look cleaner.                 

      45 lb Box: Economical use and easy to store.





Packaging Product Code
45 Lbs. Box AxisDetergen





   AXIS--Safety Data Sheet   


 Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.


Axis Detergent

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