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Spray Spotter For Use With Hydrocarbon, Perc or K4


  Introducing EasyGo Spray Spotter for use with Hydrocarbon Solvent, Perc or K4.  EasyGo quickly penetrates fabric to release ground-in soil, perspiration, collar, and cuff stains. Simply spray soiled areas befor drycleaning. No brushing, flushing or waiting required. Stains and soil disappear right in the wheel. EasyGo is environmentally friendly. It is soy based, biodegradable, non-combustible and California VOC and Prop-65 compliant. Just spray it on and dryclean it out. With EasyGo, it's just that easy!


Stain List

  EasyGo Removes These Stains 

       Collar & Cuff Stains     Crayon     Eye Black     Food     Grease    Ground-In Soil   

 Lotion    Oil      MakeUp     Ointment     Pant Cuff Stains

 Perspiration       Salt On Pant Cuffs       Water Rings




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Gallon EasyGo
Quart EasyGoQt



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  EasyGo Safety Data Sheet 


 Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal.


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